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Case Study Questions On Business Communication - 1722 Words

To: From: Date: 11/10/2014 Subject: Report of recommendations for the business communication in Chinese workplace Dear Maurice: I was so pleased to receive this email and thanks for you giving me this opportunity. According to your request, my report titled â€Å"Recommendations for the business communication in Chinese workplace† attached as this email. The report illustrates three recommendations base on the following situations: Meet with your clients at the first time; Express your disagreements in appropriate ways; Have dinner with your clients. From theory to practice, Hofstede’ s model and Hall’s model applied in this report to help our employees make a deeper understanding of cultural differences between Australian and Chinese workplace. If there is anything further I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regard, Lin Ke Lin Ke International group ABCD Corporation Tel: +61 (0)4 22252680 Email: Recommendations for the business communication in Chinese workplace Report prepared for Maurice Bensonï ¼Å' Manager of International Business Practice Group Prepare by Lin KE Member of International Business Practice Group October 11, 2014 Table of Contents LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS page EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 PROPOSE 2 1.2 SCOPE 2 1.3 SOURCES AND METHODS 2 1.4BACKGROUND 2 1.5LIMITATIONS 3 2.0 DISCUSSIONï ¼Å¡ 4 2.1 High contextShow MoreRelatedUnilevers Self-Assessment: An Analysis893 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to the case study, early results from the self-assessments led to improvements in a variety of areas. For example; the case study touts on page 8 improvements were identified in the areas of communication, process management and goal deployment. Since communication in any form is a strong component of a successful business, this one facet alone is well worth the self-assessment process if it succeeded in initiating those improvements. As one recent study determined strategic planningRead MoreMetabical Positioning And Communications Strategy For a New Weight Loss Drug Harvard Business Essays and Term Papers948 Words   |  4 PagesHello Metabical Positioning And Communications Strategy For a New Weight Loss Drug Harvard Business Essays and Term Papers Search Results for metabical positioning and communications strategy for a new weight loss drug harvard business Displaying 1 - 30 of 1,500 * Metabical: Positioning And Communications Strategy For a New Weight-Loss Drug Metabical: Positioning and Communications Strategy for a new Weight-Loss Drug Q amp; A 1. Who is involved in the decision making process? WhatRead MoreInquiring Minds Want to Know1021 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Case Assignment 2 Liberty University BUSI 600 Abstract This paper defines Penton Media’s sampling plan and research design for their study on if their reader service cards are still successful in getting buyer’s attentions. There are five questions that develop the sampling plan and Penton Media’s answers to these questions are described in this paper along with the strengths and weaknesses of their decisions. Their research design is also explainedRead MoreInformation technology for managers1289 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Academic Resource Center, 1-800-354-9706 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online at Further permission questions can be emailed to Content Product Manager: Heather Furrow Senior Art Director: Stacy Jenkins Shirley Cover Designer: Lou Ann Thesing Cover Image:  ©Getty Images/Photodisc Technology Project Manager: Chris Valentine Read MoreInquiring Minds Want to Know 1 2 Essay869 Words   |  4 PagesFirst and foremost for any case study, the reader must first understand what they are researching and why. Penton Media, a publisher of business trade magazines such as Industry Week, Machine Design, and Restaurant Hospitality, was the subject of this particular case study. Upon reading the case study on Penton Media, the reader learns that Penton Media has made great progress in the growth of their company through a six year period, 1992-1998, based on the research results provided. Ken Long, PentonRead MoreHow Online Brand Communication And Customer Engagement Influence A Consumer s Decision Purchase872 Words   |  4 PagesResearch Question: â€Å"How online brand communication and customer engagement influence a consumer’s decision purchase.† The marketing strategy of branding is not a new concept. A company’s brand is not a logo, or a tag line, but rather the relationship it has with its customer base, it is in essence not how a company defines itself – but how the public defines it. With every interaction and every customer touch point a business shapes its brand identity, and participants in this exchange are knownRead MoreMis in Your Pocket655 Words   |  3 PagesMIS In Your Pocket Question 1: What kinds of application are described here? What business function do they support? How do they improve operational efficiency and decision making? Ans- A number of mobile applications are described in this case such as, e-mail, photo sharing, text messaging, web-based note taking, file sharing, tools for web conferencing, electronic presentation, chainLinq Mobile, GPS, google map by the D.W.Morgan company, Epocrates Essential by Doylestown Hospital to interpretRead MoreKey Features Of A Help Desk Essay1244 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 1 Help desk is one of the essential sections of the overall business. The help desk is the lifeline of the organization as it handles the entire business from one section. The helpdesk streamlines the business operation by providing the much needed information all across the business that helps in making effective decisions. It is important to mention that Help desk has number of key roles to play in the daily operations of business. Especially in the hospitality sector the help desk worksRead MorePersonal Reflective and Goal Setting Strategies970 Words   |  4 Pagescheaply than ever before. Most large local companies regard globalisation as opportunity, thereby exploring overseas markets for maximum market share and optimum business strategies. However, managers would face a series of challenges caused by leadership models, cultural backgrounds, political and economic risks, HR management, etc. To study multinational management skills is very useful for my future career. In this es say, I will set goals for this subject, identify the skills I have honed and needRead MoreA Research Study On Online Interviews1480 Words   |  6 PagesMethodology Online interviews: a list of questions relevant to the research topic shall be prepared by the research team. The questions will revolve around the strategies that small businesses can employ to gain a large customer base. Online interviews can be done through computer systems like Skype, IMO and also through telephone calls (McMunn 23). This method is very efficient because the research team can deal with a big number of people at the convenience of one’s location without the participants

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Reasons for Seasons Essay - 750 Words

Season and the planets, that’s been a question that’s has limited answers because of the limited research. In this essay we will discuss the common misconceptions that students have when understand the seasons of the earth, Along with identifying the other planets and if they have season or not. Also we will explain the aphelion, the perihelion and how it affects planet seasons. There are few common misconceptions that students think are true regarding the reasons for seasons on earth. Students usually believe that because of the earth’s distance and its orbits around the sun causes the seasons. That is because students believe that the earth is in an elongated elliptical path that causes the season depending on the distance. When all†¦show more content†¦When mars is ion the perihelion, which is the closest point to the sun; mars is at its fastest point. This in turn creates varying seasons on mars, than it does on earth. On mars every six months the seasons change on mars, for example winter lasts 146 days, summer lasting 199 days, and fall and spring last 171 days. The sun its self is not on a elliptical orbit, the planet gets nearer towards and away from the Sun as it moves around. When the planet is closest to the Sun it is at the perihelion. When the planet is the farthest from the sun, then it is at aphelion Jupiter has an atmospheric pressure which is 10x greater that earths. With atmospheric pressure that great, causes the temperature from below the clouds causes the temperature to rise to a nice 70 degrees. As you go deeper into Jupiter reaching the core, it becomes hotter that the sun its self. Saturn is simple because its seasons are long lasting, for fall in Saturn lasted 2 years in 2002. Also in 2004 when the spacecraft Cassini started reached its destination to Saturn it started the season of winter. Uranus orbits the same distance from the sun consistently and has had long winters which could last decades, when the sun’s rays reach far latitudes that hit Uranus. This causes the atmosphere to start an enormous storm which starts the beginning of spring. Because Uranus is tilted 98 degrees it causes 21 year seasons. Neptune is a slow planet, because itsShow MoreRelatedFour Seasons Goes to Paris Essays760 Words   |  4 PagesFour Seasons Goes to Paris: 53 Properties, 24 Countries, 1 Philosophy Four Seasons is the world’s leading operator of luxury hotels and resorts. They are well known not only in the U.S. but they are a huge international hit. They have been successful over the last thirty years because of their strengths of diversity and originality. Four Seasons does not want to be a globalization of markets like McDonald’s, where everyone is the same. They are not a â€Å"cookie-cutter company.† This is a greatRead MoreToronto Maple Leafs Contenders1337 Words   |  5 PagesThe Toronto Maple Leafs cup contenders? Impossible, you might say, and that would have been the case just a mere two seasons ago when they fell off the cliff and crash landed into the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but the Maple Leafs are a different team now. They have rebuilt, oted, and redeemed themselves in a city where winning has become a dot on the horizon. They have accumulated all of the things that take a team to the playoffs: improved defense, explosive offen ce, and unbelievably talentedRead MoreWhat Is Josh Sounder Essay822 Words   |  4 Pagesbunch of different reasons behind that. The main reason is if you look back At the 2008 draft a lot big time players that play today were drafted after him. You can truly go through any draft year from any sport and find a player drafted and better players drafted after them. Bailey’s career got off to a rough start. Despite signing his entry level contract on his 19th birthday, he started the season on the IR. He would end up scoring 7 goals and 18 assist his rookie season. The major positiveRead MoreFootball Profile Essay843 Words   |  4 Pagesat a certain position for the 2017 Season. I thought I might as well start with a play-making position to get this thing rolling. Therefore, this week we will take a closer look at my top 5 projected running backs. Top 5 Running Backs for the 2017 Season 5.Todd Gurley: Gurley had it rough in his second season finishing with 885 yards and six touchdowns. Still an average season for a running back, but Gurley can be a lot better--- as we saw from his rookie season. I still expect the Rams to stinkRead More2010 Season of Butler Basketball Outline Essay882 Words   |  4 Pages2010 Season of Butler Basketball Outline I. Introduction A. Butler University has an attendance of 4,771. That nearly three times less then Duke University. B. Butlers has always been great in the regular season but this season was a special one. C. One reason the season was historical was because they had most likely the best coach butler has ever had. D. There were multiple reasons why Butler had such a historical season and one part was the dedicated fans. E. Butler Basketball had a historicalRead MoreWhy The Price Of Filling Up Has Been Going Down1252 Words   |  6 Pagesthe year of 2012. According to the article there are several reason which make the price of oil fall, but the main reason which is causing this is the less use of oil crude after the Labor Day. After the end of the so-called summer driving season, demand tails off, and prices typically drop after Labor Day. The change of season had caused people to be less willing to drive and prefer to ride public transportation. The change of season, md it finally lead to less need of oil had affected the amountRead MoreEssay on Consumerism526 Words   |  3 PagesChristmas decorations. `Tis the season to break the bank. Our capitalistic society is always looking for a reason for driving consumerism and what better reason than a holiday! If theres a month without one, well make one up...just so we have some reason to put some useless piece of crap on sale. What ever happened to all the traditional values that are at the core of all or most of these holidays? Do we as a society even remember? Since its the holiday season, lets start with Christmas.Read MoreThe Challenge Of The Australian Football League1125 Words   |  5 Pagesacross AFL clubs particularly in leading categories such as social and experience based associations. Heath McDonald talks about the high churn rates for AFL. The main reason behind this is reduced member satisfaction, degraded on field performance and decreased game attendance. In order to lower the churn rate the focus of season ticket holders towards the intangible augmented product, such as deeper feeling of involvement, a stronger sense of community and an increase in patron worth which wouldRead MoreEssay On Effectively Engaging With Parents In Interscholastic Athletics936 Words   |  4 PagesFor this assignment, I chose to complete the NFHS course entitled â€Å"Engaging Effectively with Parents†. The course focused on how to interact with the parents of athletes with a focus on what to do to prepare for the season and how to hand le upset parents during the course of the season. Anyone who plans on working in interscholastic athletics whether as a coach or administrator will have to interact with parents on a near daily basis, this is simple the nature of the field. Parents are valuable toRead MoreMy Family Moved From Ho Chi Minh City853 Words   |  4 PagesHave you ever thought about moving your whole family to another country? If you did so, what are the reasons to do that? We chose to move because in our country they have crisis, they are too poor, they have worse education and a lot of reasons that we cannot tell. After moving to another country, we might see a lot of differences between our old country and the new country. I and my family moved from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Minnesota because we believe that I and my brother will have better

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Resolution Of Speech Therapy And Lip Reading - 1621 Words

Introduction: What if you find out a family member is or will one day be deaf? Imagine yourself not being able to communicate with them, or imagine your family member living their life without any sound running through their ear drums. Of course there are options! They have the option to receive a cochlear implant, where they may be able to hear some sound, but not all. There is also the option of speech therapy and lip reading, which can be a lot of work to continuously read lips. Or, they can learn to communicate with sign language. Sign language is a different form of communicating that uses visual gestures and signs. Sign language is the best way to communicate with other deaf people, or anyone if they learn and can speak sign†¦show more content†¦At the age of around 19 months the average baby already has about 50 A parent can start signing to their baby at any age they feel would help them start to recognize things. Although a baby’s motor skills might not be ready at 6 mon ths, introducing sign language to them at that age is a good idea so they can see it and get used to it. Then by the age of 9 months or so most babies start to try to replicate their parents’ hand motions. There is a significant difference in the time a baby starts to talk and when the baby can learn to sign simple needs to their parents. Most babies cry until they get what they want, but when a parent teaches their child how to sign food or hungry, they won’t have to deal with the loud screams of their children without knowing what they need. Not only that but, they will also feel closer to their child as they will be communicating with them before they normally could. Access: It wasn t long ago when the deaf were harshly oppressed and denied even their fundamental rights. Abbe Charles Michel de L Epee established the first public free deaf school in 1771. Sign Language access is becoming easier and easier to get a hold of.  ¨Sign language interpreters are often used in the classroom, for medical appointments, to facilitate on-the-job training, and during events such as conferences, meetings, and even concerts. The use of sign language interpreters allow

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John B. Watson s Article Summary Essay - 1765 Words

Article Summary One of the most famous American Psychologists, John B. Watson, conducted numerous experiments that helped establish a clearer understanding of how the human brain associates response to certain situations. In one of his more famous experiments, Watson tested the conditioned emotional response of a small child. This child, Albert, was eleven months old and was one of â€Å"the most developed youngsters ever brought to the hospital† (Watson, 1). It was noted that he never presented fear in any situation, and rarely ever cried. For this reason, Albert was a strong subject for testing throughout the conditioned response experiment. Ultimately, Watson hoped to answer the research question: â€Å"Are reactions and behaviors of humans a result of conditioning, or are they naturally implemented in humans from birth?†. However, before Watson began the experiment, he hypothesized that all behaviors are a result of conditioning. Similar to previous observations made, Watsonâ€℠¢s goal was to implement stimuli, triggering an emotional response while a certain object was in the child’s possession. If Watson’s hypothesis was correct, a fear reaction would be triggered when the same object was shown to Albert. To begin the experiment, Watson introduced a rat to Albert and recorded the child’s behavior. Albert demonstrated no fear of the rat at all, and proceeded to reach for the animal. Just as Albert’s hand touched the animal, Watson struck a metal bar behind the child’s head. ThisShow MoreRelatedClassical Vs. Classical Conditioning1095 Words   |  5 Pagesexplored by first giving a general definition along with the general phases of basic classical conditioning. Then, more insight is given about the developers of this learning process and their experiments: Ivan Pavlov and his dog experiment and John B. Watson and Little Albert experiment. Finally, real-world applications of this learning process are introduced such as h ow to treat phobias, addictions and achieve good classroom behavior. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born in Russia in 1849. He was firstRead MoreBenefits And Limitations Of A Physical Education Learning Theory1351 Words   |  6 Pagesso, the selected learning theory will be compared and contrasted with basic learning theories and concepts. Firstly, the selected learning theory will be outlined. Secondly, this paper will discuss behaviourist approach to learning. Finally, to summaries this paper, the reader will get a greater understanding ofbehaviourist approach to learning.To put this discussion into context there now follows a definition of learning and a brief description of the behaviourist theory. Learning can be definedRead MoreEssay on Behaviorism: Types, History, and Today2278 Words   |  10 Pagesfocus. The main overall focus is it studies how a human behaves and is supposed to behave in order to detect human behavior discrepancies. As a behaviorist view, everything you see has a set behavior and should perform a certain, similar to robots. Watson stated that â€Å"psychology as a behaviorist views it is a purely objective experimental branch of natural science. Its theoretical goal is †¦ prediction and control† (1913, p.158). A more in depth perspective it is that they also believe people have noRead MoreInformation Security15951 Words   |  64 Pagesliterature is a crucial endeavor for any academic research (Webster Watson, 2002, pp. 48-49). The need to uncover what is already known in the body of knowledge prior to initiating any research study should not be underestimated (Hart, 1998). Some fields of studies, such as engineering, have chronically suffered from a lack of proper literature reviews, which has hindered theoretical and conceptual progress (D. Shaw, 1995). Webster and Watson (2002) also criticized the Information Systems (IS) field forRead MoreEssay on Globalization of McdonaldS on China5339 Words   |  22 PagesGlobalization of McDonald’s in China Executive Summary McDonald’s is one the largest fastest growing fast-food restaurant in the world. McDonald’s have become a household name across the world. The fast food giant has come a long way from being just a burger stand in San Bernardino, California in 1940. The original owners were two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. The hot dog stand evolved into a restaurant offering 25 items on the menu. In 1947, Richard and Maurice (going forwardRead MoreSoft Skills: An Essential in the 21st Century Managers Toolkit2864 Words   |  12 Pagesmore with less. A rise in people with traditional degrees and certificates in the UK (Office for National Statistics, 2013) causes higher supply of workforce with sufficient technical skills, creating a need for companies to distinguish a person s potential input within a workplace via further means. Looking for the right manager to promote effectiveness and productivity in a company during an economic downturn, firms are now starting to understand the trend of putting higher importance onRead MoreOrganizational Behaviorial Case Study4431 Words   |  18 PagesOrganizational Behavioral Study for Adobe Systems Incorporated University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies Abstract Adobe Systems Incorporated is committed to innovation. In 1982, Chuck Geschke and John Warnock founded Adobe when they set out to solve the problem of getting text and images on a computer screen. In 1983 they launched Adobe Post Script and were embraced as industry visionaries and leaders. Adobe’s Portable Document Format or PDF provided solutions for businesses and allowedRead MoreLiterary Criticism : The Free Encyclopedia 7351 Words   |  30 Pagesnovel is sometimes used interchangeably with Bildungsroman, but its use is usually wider and less technical. The birth of the Bildungsroman is normally dated to the publication of Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1795–96,[8] or, sometimes, to Christoph Martin Wieland s Geschichte des Agathon of 1767.[9] Although the Bildungsroman arose in Germany, it has had extensive influence first in Europe and later throughout the world. Thomas Carlyle translated Goethe’s novelRead MoreBenifits of Language5821 Words   |  24 Pagesfaculty using active learning and get ideas from them. 2. Observe classes where active learning is going on 3. Attend workshops, training sessions, or seminars on how to incorporate active learning approaches. 4. Read research and articles about the values and ways to use active learning. 5. Plan carefully and start with simple approaches. Pair work is often the easiest to begin using and has the least chance for social problems. †¢ A worksheet in pairs is a simpleRead MoreMarket Segmentation in Hospitality Research6132 Words   |  25 PagesMarket segmentation in hospitality research: no longer a sequential process John T. Bowen William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA Explores development in market segmentation relating to hospitality and tourism research published between 1990 and 1998. The literature is divided into three sections: segmenting a market; market targeting and marketing positioning. Identiï ¬ es new areas for research, deeper examination of segments, identiï ¬ cation of difference

Emma by Jane Austen - 857 Words

The story, Emma, by Jane Austen, is a riveting tale about a heroine who through her determined will to assist others, realizes and attains her own dreams and desires. The story begins with 21 year old, Emma Woodhouse struggling with the loss of her governess of 16 years and a truly dear friend, Miss Taylor. Miss Taylor recently wedded Mr. Weston and moved half a mile away from the Woodhouses residence at Hartfield. Both Emma and her father are trying to cope with this drastic change and overcome their sense of despondency. Emma feels as if she has lost her best friend and is extremely depressed about the predicament. However, Emmas distraught and lonesome manner quickly changes with the arrival of Harriet Smith. Harriet, a young†¦show more content†¦This is done using the flashback technique. Emma is uneasy about the affair at first, for she had thought that Mr. Churchill was attracted to her. However, she soon recovers from the disappointing event and finds herself a ppreciating Mr. Knightley, one of the familys oldest and dearest friends, in a way she had never perceived him before. She had always thought of him as a brother figure; a person she could have intellectual discussions with, and a person she wasnt afraid to speak her mind to. I feel that the climax occurs when Mr. Knightley pronounces his undying love for Emma, as they commit themselves to one another. Emma finally acknowledges that it was Mr. Knightley, whom she desired, the entire time; that is to say, she had an epiphany. Harriet as well, admits to herself that Mr. Martin is the only man for she ever truly loved, and they too, unite in wholly matrimony. The story is an on-going roller-coaster of love and despair; love triangles that only end, in order to embark on another. The atmosphere is a constant cycle of blissfulness and disheartenment. The plot can be compared to one of a daytime soap opera, only without all the intimateShow MoreRelatedEmma, By Jane Austen1327 Word s   |  6 PagesIn Jane Austen’s â€Å"Emma,† conversations reveal the social concerns and the character of its participants. Each contributor has a unique and therefore biased perspective that informs how they appear in a conversation. The eponymous protagonist, Emma is oft seen making judgments whether in dialogue or through free indirect discourse, such that her own shortcomings and biases are elucidated. Emma willing enters into a disagreement with her step-brother, Mr. Knightley, on the elusive Frank Churchill.Read MoreEmma by Jane Austen Essay783 Words   |  4 PagesIn Emma Jane Austen exposes the limitations of the role of women in her society. Examine Austen’s presentation of what is called in the novel, women’s usual occupations of eye, and hand, and mind. Emma – Role of Woman In Emma Jane Austen exposes the limitations of the role of women in her society. Examine Austen’s presentation of what is called in the novel, ‘women’s usual occupations of eye, and hand, and mind’. In Jane Austen’s society, the role of women was controlled by what was Read MoreEmma by Jane Austen Essay1491 Words   |  6 PagesEmma is more unpleasant than appealing. Discuss with reference to the first 9 chapters Essay: ‘Emma’ The first line of the novel ‘Emma’, by Jane Austen, claims Emma to be ‘handsome, clever, and rich’, this sums up Emma’s character completely. It is important to list these first of all, for fear of the reader to immediately dislike her. Indeed, later on-on the first page, Emma’s faults are listed, claiming her to have too much of her own way and herself thinking very highly of herselfRead MoreEssay on Emma by Jane Austen2322 Words   |  10 PagesLove Emma, by Jane Austen, is a classic comedy that took place in the nineteenth-century near London, England. Emma tells the tale of a heroine attempting to be the matchmaker for everyone, and ultimately herself. Emma Woodhouse, the main character, loses her dear friend and governess, Miss Taylor, to Miss Taylor’s marriage, in which she becomes Mrs. Weston. Emma, in search of another cherished companion, comes across Harriet Smith. Although Harriet comes from a lower class in society, Emma admiresRead MoreA Brief Note On Emma By Jane Austen Essay2070 Words   |  9 PagesTerm Paper in English 1 On Emma by Jane Austen In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of Degree of B.A [HONS.]ENGLISH Submitted by: Supervised by: Rashmi Priya Mrs. Suchi agarwal Amity Institute of English Studies and Research Amity University Uttar Pradesh India DECLARATION I Rashmi Priya student of B.A (Hons.) English of Amity Institute of English Studies and ResearchRead MoreWhat Is The Theme Of Emma By Jane Austen1367 Words   |  6 Pagesworldviews of a person. This is evident in Emma, as Austen uses a unique narrative style to illustrate the power of societal control. The plot of the novel focuses mainly on the theme of strategic matchmaking, however it can also serve as a catalyst to demonstrate the idea of societal authority presented in the novel. There is an emphasis on the Evangelical ideas of strength in community, and in the Lockean ideas of the social order. THESIS The theme of Emma is expressed through word games, and parallelsRead More Emma by Jane Austen Essay example2875 Words   |  12 PagesAbout the Author Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775 at Steventon, England. She was the seventh child of the rector of the parish at Steventon, and lived with her family until they moved to Bath when her father retired in 1801. Her father, Reverend George Austen, was from Kent and attended the Tunbridge School before studying at Oxford and receiving a living as a rector at Steventon. Her mother, Cassandra Leigh Austen, was the daughter of a patrician family. Among her siblings she hadRead MoreAnalysis Of Jane Austen s Emma2163 Words   |  9 PagesJane Austen’s Emma follows the life of an overindulged, upper class young woman who, after enduring a crisis brought on by her own pride, is transformed from callow and vain, to a state of mental and emotional maturity. On first reading, the audience may perceive Emma’s actions as a repression of feelings, but upon closer inspection one can see that she is not suppressing her emotions but simply does not have the level of self-awareness that would allow her to clarify the difference between rightRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Emma By Jane Austen1648 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of Emma by Jane Austen In Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, protagonist Emma avoids her own transformation by her attempts to transform others. However, Emma experiences her coming-of-age through the stable characters of those around her. Austen reveals how self-transformation is necessary in maturing and establishing self-awareness. Emma Woodhouse possesses qualities that many would envy: beauty, intelligence, wealth, and youth. However, the positive aspects of Emma are equally contrastedRead MoreJane Austen s Emma And The Passages 2175 Words   |  9 Pages2014 Emma by Jane Austen VS Benjamin Franklin Jane Austen’s novel Emma and The passages by Benjamin Franklin talk about the strong opinions their authors have on marriage. While they were both in alive and writing in different times and places, they both have differences and similarities in their opinions on what marriage means to them. My goal in this paper is to talk about those differences and similarities in opinion, by talking about the many character and relationships that are in Jane Austen

Case Study and Problems Statements In Chrysler Minivans- 1 - 247 Words

Question: 1. While Chrysler's minivans,pickups and sport utility vehicles take a big share of the truck market, its can trail behind those of GM, Ford, HOnda and toyata. Quality problems inchude, among other things, wate leaks and defective parts,Define the problem statement(the why and the what) in the following situation:Companies benefit throught employee loyalty. Crude downsizing in organizations during the recessicrused the loyality of millions. the economic benefits of loyality embrace lower recruitment and train cost, higher productivity of workers, customer satisfaction, and the boost to moral of fresh recruits. order that these benefits are not lost, some companies, while downsizing, try various gimmicks.Flex lea for instance,is one. This helps employees receive 20% of their salary, plus employer- provided benefits while they take a 6-12 month sabbatical, with c call option on their services,others try alternate like more communication, hand holding, and the like.How would you define the broad problems in the following case? 2. What is the purpose of a critical literature review?How would you go about a literature review in the area of corporate social responsibility?Why is approprite citation important? What are the consequences of not giving credit to the source from which materials are extracted?Afterstuding and extracting information from all the relevant work done previously, how does the researcher know which particuler references, articles and information should be given prominence in the literature review? Answer: (1) Problems Statements in Chrysler minivans One of the major problems of the Chrysler minivans is related to its quality. The Chrysler is one of the most prominent companies of minivans who are currently leading the in the market. However, company is facing tough to sustain in highly competitive environment because of the poor quality of the machinery parts used in the vans (Boxall Purcell, 2007). Apart from that, company goodwill in downsizing its armlet value because of the leaking and defective parts of the products. Employee Loyalty: Boarder problems One of the major problem in the above case is that loyalty of the employee is been decreasing every year because of fear of job security. The patience of employee is wearing thin because of the too much of hiring and firing since the 2008 market crash. It has crushed the employees trust and faith in the company (Davis, 2011). Company uses various corporate gimmicks to maintain their profitability one of them is downsizing in organizations. Companies are using term like scaling operation and re-valuations will give enough chances to manage the scapegoat the employees (Dickmann, 2009). On the contrary, notwithstanding of the policy, most of the organization is still using the various benefits to the employees that has ensure the productivity, customer satisfactions and the boost the employees (Boswell Wright, 2007). Employee morale has been decreased because of the guilt of losing the colleagues and friends form the company. Most of the survivors are feeling betrayed that the promise of lifelong employment for the company. (2)Purpose of literature review One of the major purpose of the literature is to evaluate, summaries and the bring clear in the research. The review of literature given theoretical concepts and models which will helps to determine the nature of research (Hewitt, 2006). Literature review in snot limited to the information and concepts rather it is beyond that, it bring consistency in the results in the study which helps to uncover the flaws in the research design. Apart from the above, literature review motivates the reader to focus on the summary of the current state of the knowledge. Literature review also give the past results and theories that would highlight their thoughts (Krajewski, 2005). On the other hand, it helps in identifying the gap and the limitations in the current state of knowledge. Literature review on the CSR Literature review in the area of the CSR will highlight the ethics, behaviour and the sustainability within the topic. The CSR is one of the Permanent parts of the management practice in the contemporary business scenario (Hopkins, 2009). Initially CSR is been used as the managing risk in operation management but now its beyond that it actually helps in innovations and create permanent solution for decreasing the environmental pollutions (Keinert, 2009). CSR literature review will consist of the conceptual framework which will help in understanding the topic and concepts and theories as per the given chosen topic scenario (Boswell Wright, 2007). Since the topic is CSR, then the first topic will be concept of CSR followed by the key characteristics of the CSR. Importance of citations Citation helps to analyses the reader has used various books, journals and the websites before completing the literature work. Proper citations include the in-text reference, bibliography and reference list. Researcher usually cites their work either to verify the informations or to learn moir about the issues (Ketcham, 2008). Reference citation is very much important it directs the readers for the additional and mire detail investigations of the discussions. Reference as per the information given Citations is very much important part of the literature because the theory, models and concepts used in the literature used are already been writer by authors. Without citations the work will be copy or rather plagiarism which will like burglary or theft or fraud (Masic, 2013). The citation helps to acknowledge the authors and their work on the field of the research work. Reference as per the citation helps the readers to judge the work of various authors and the work of researcher. The in-text referencing gives enough scope to manage and demonstrate the position and arguments throughput the research (Schmitt, 2014). The research work is incomplete without the reference work because of the authenticity of the research. As the research work is been one of the major influence which helps to creates impact on the research work and literary of the others would helps in creating the proper way of making the literature review (Siebers, 2013). Reference list Books Davis, A. (2011) The Definitive Guide to HR Communication. 4th ed. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Davis, B. G. and Olson, M. H. (2009) Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundations, Structure and Development, 5th ed. Singapore: McGraw Hill, 235-250. Dickmann, M. (2009) International Human Resource Management: A European Perspective, 3rd ed. London: Thomson Hopkins, M., (2009). The planetary bargain: Corporate Social Responsibility. 5th ed. New York: Leadership Press. Keinert, C., (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility as an international strategy. 6th ed. New York: Harper Row. Journals Boswell, W.R. 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Is Ethnography A Suitable Meth Essay Example For Students

Is Ethnography A Suitable Meth Essay Is Ethnography A Suitable Meth Essayod for Research on Residential Satisfaction and Community Participation. Ethnography within its wider field of research is described as the study of peoples behaviour in terms of social contexts, with emphasis on interaction in everyday situations (Lindsay, 1997). It is further defined as research that constitutes the art and science of describing a group or culture (Fetterman, 1989). However, the specific definition that will be used throughout this work, is that of its role within qualitative research, which is summarised by Wainwright (1997) in his paper in The Qualitative Report, stating that ethnography can be distinguished as: .. .the attempt to obtain an in-depth understanding of the meanings and definitions of the situation presented by informants, rather than the quantitative measurement of their characteristics or behaviour pp1. The technique of ethnography is a holistic approach, in order to achieve a complete and comprehensive picture of a social group (Fetterman, 1989). There are two main techniques within ethnography, that is firstly, interviews, and secondly, observational methods of participant and non-participant forms (Goetz and LeCompte, 1984; Hammersley, 1990; Lindsay, 1997; Wainwright, 1997). This discussion aims to analyse ethnography as a method of qualitative research and discuss its usefulness in a research question based around residential satisfaction and community participation. This will be achieved by analysing the main advantages and disadvantages of both methods of ethnography; that of interviews and observation techniques, with a holistic approach. Hereafter, assessment of the direct usefulness of the method relating explicitly to the two research variables of residential satisfaction and community participation. An overall critique summary and conclusion will follow this, on ethnographys context and suitability in such a study. The first form of ethnographic research is interviews. These are where a respondent is asked a number of questions by the interviewer, and the interviewer records the answers. Interviews can be of the in depth conversational type, which are like guided conversations, where the interviewer converses with the respondent; or the second type, which is a semi-structured interview in a format similar to an oral questionnaire. There is also a immense range of varying techniques within both of these forms, an example being closed or open ended questions (Lindsay, 1997; Wainwright, 1997). When comparing the advantages of interviews with the method of observational research, it is obvious that interviews are far cheaper and much faster in generating data, being able to be completed in an hour or so. Hence, respondent numbers are usually higher than a research based upon observational techniques (Haralambos, 1986). Interviews also have the advantage of enabling the interviewer to examine quite complex issues, in a great depth of understanding as the interviewer is actually asking the respondent and receiving specific answers. Answers are available to compare with the interviewers personal observations, rather than just having simply observations (Hammersley, 1990; Hammersley, 1992). The main disadvantages of interviews is the problem of interviewer bias where the interviewer influences and directs the answer given by the respondent by his presence, or inadequate interviewing skills, in the fact that particular answers may be expected and this may transmit to the respondent and influence his or her reply (Haralambos, 1986; Lindsay, 1997). Additionally, difficulties also arise from the effect that discussions are artificial situations, especially when comparing this method with observational techniques. Respondents frequently tell researchers what they think they want to hear, and also what might be more acceptable than what actually goes on or is true (Lindsay, 1997). Another disadvantage of interviews as a technique of ethnography are that they tend to be a relatively expensive. However, this cost may be far lower than observational studies, especially those of more involved participant observation. Everybody grows up as a kid in different environme Essay The second major technique in ethnography are observational methods of research originate from social researchers views that to fully understand and comprehend social activities and groups, it is necessary to join them, and see things from within. Researchers using this technique tend to place less on stricter scientific methods and statistics and more on their own personal observations. The two approaches are participant observation, and non-participant observation (Lindsay, 1997; Wainwright, 1997). Participant observation is one aspect of observational ethnography. As the traditional method of field anthropology, .